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Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides

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Biking Illinois (Trails Books Guide)

By David Johnsen

Published by Trails Books

Biking Illinois features some of the best bicycling in the Land of Lincoln. Some rides are perfect for beginners while others will challenge even the most experienced riders. Terrain ranges from flat rail-trails to the relentlessly hilly roads of northwestern and southernmost Illinois. You'll visit Chicago's lakefront, Amish Country, and Shawnee National Forest. You'll ride along old Route 66, the mighty Mississippi River, and the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal. Along the way you'll learn about local history and see many of Illinois' most beautiful natural features. Wherever you live or travel in Illinois, you won't be far from the great rides in Biking Illinois.

Each of the 60 rides in Biking Illinois covers two pages. The first describes the route, including directions and info about parking, restrooms, convenience stores, restaurants, local history, and must-see attractions along the way. The second page is a clear, detailed map of the route that notes turns, mileage, and even big hills. This layout makes it easy to copy a page to carry along on a ride.

This Web site is the "DVD bonus footage" of Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides. While the book tells you how to follow the routes, this site offers my personal experiences and commentary, along with lots of pictures. You won't find a wealth of background information or detailed directions here -- for that, you have to buy the book!

  How to Get Biking Illinois 

Biking Illinois is now out of print, and I am not planning an updated edition. You can still find it from numerous sellers on Amazon.com using the link above on the right.For other online stores, look here (ISBN: 1-931599-64-5). 

Book Updates (Construction, Corrections, Etc.)

Biking Illinois Car-Free: Getting There Via Public Transportation

60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides...

1 - Hellacious Hills of Hanover

2 - Are You in Shape for Schapville?

3 - Jane Addams Trail

4 - Ride The Rock

5 - Long Trail on the Prairie

6 - Windmill and Cactus

7 - Where the River Runs West

8 - Trail to Tampico

9 - Deere Country

10 - Amboy

11 - Ride the White Elephant

12 - End of the I & M

13 - Hills and Valleys

14 - A Gift from the Glaciers

15 - Frolic Along the Fox

16 - Hangin' on the Elgin Branch

17 - Poplar Creek Trail

18 - Busse Woods

19 - Des Plaines River Trail

20 - Going to the Garden

21 - Sheridan Road

22 - Pedaling the Channel

23 - The Corn Belt Route

24 - Virgil Gilman Trail

25 - Great Western Prairie Triangle

26 - Take Me to the Zoo

27 - Cooler by the Lake

28 - Museums and Beaches

29 - Lap Around the Lab

30 - Tinley Creek Trail

31 - Make Like a Mule

32 - Ride the Plank

33 - Bring Your Quiver to the River

34 - Goodbye Norma Jean

35 - Spoon Lake

36 - Historic Galesburg

37 - A Mighty Good Trail

38 - Around the Lake and Down Memory Lane

39 - Havana

40 - Short But Sweet

41 - The Palace and the Hall of Fame

42 - Follow in Young Abe's Footsteps

43 - Where's the Bridge?

44 - Ambling Among the Amish

45 - Moonshine Run

46 - Bluffing on the Mississippi

47 - Lewis and Clark

48 - Hillsboro-Roubaix

49 - Greenville

50 - Watch for Wild Turkeys

51 - Merry Miles to Maeystown

52 - Ava Loop

53 - Gorham Floodplain

54 - Giant City

55 - Climb to the Cross

56 - Dongola Churches

57 - Tunnel Vision

58 - Loop of the Gods

59 - Lucky Horseshoe

60 - Give Peace a Chance

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