Ride 10: Amboy

  Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides  

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Amboy, IL         August 19, 2005

I discovered these roads a few years ago while looking at the Illinois state bike maps. I rode them one afternoon and enjoyed them enough that I included this similar route in the book.

Amboy began as a railroad town. Although the trains don't run and the tracks are gone, the striking two-story depot has been made into a museum. A union monument, a steam locomotive with coal car, a caboose, and railroad signs are also on the grounds.



It is rare these days that the old bank building downtown is still a bank, but in Amboy it is.

The wood carvings in the city park, a sidebar topic in the book, were a big highlight for me. Here are a few examples:




The road heading out of town was brick.

Coming back toward town, this bridge crosses the Green River.

Downtown Amboy features an old-fashioned drug store with a tasty soda fountain. I recommend a chocolate malt to replenish those vital nutrients expended on the ride!



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