Ride 13: Hills & Valleys

  Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides  

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Woodstock, IL         August 23, 2005

I got this route from Chris Strout, who has since moved on to cycling nirvana in North Carolina. I'm afraid it will probably be the first ride in my book to be made unbearable by urban sprawl.

This ride begins at the Woodstock Opera House on the south side of the town square.


I named this ride for all the road names featuring hills and valleys, but I could have named it for barns.

I couldn't find any information online about McHenry County's scenic drives when I wrote Biking Illinois, but now I can. This sign is on Mason Hill Road.

More big barns...


Although these roads are popular with local cyclists, signs remind drivers to watch for another kind of road user.

Speaking of equestrians, the South Street underpass/tunnel in Woodstock has probably seen its share. The keystone is dated 1897.

After the ride, check out the Old Court House Arts Center on the town square. Alas, the Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum mentioned in Biking Illinois has closed.


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