Ride 30: Tinley Creek Trail

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Tinley Park, IL                   June 30, 2005

This is another one of those trail systems that I always wanted to explore. Writing Biking Illinois gave me a convenient excuse to do so. There are other sections of the Tinley Creek system that I did not include. The route that I put together was a little short at 16.3 miles, but I think I covered the most scenic parts.

I started in Yankee Woods, just south of George W. Dunne National Golf Course.

The forest preserves surround the infamous Bachelors Grove Cemetery, but that is not accessible from the trail. This tiny cemetery (misspelled cemetary on the sign) is, however.


Many powerlines run across the forest preserve and the trail.

I spotted some wild roses growing beside the path.

I didn't take many pictures on this ride, partly because I still had another ride to do at Waterfall Glen that day.


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