Ride 26: Take Me to the Zoo

  Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips and Trail Rides  

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Western Springs, IL                   August 28, 2005

I had intended to include the Salt Creek Trail in the book, but I didn't intend to ride it when I did. I had already done two rides on segments of the Illlinois & Michigan Canal State Trail on this day. On the way home, I had fruitlessly scouted for a trail loop in Joliet. It turned out that too many of the trails were unfinished to ride it before my deadline. I managed to waste an hour or two of the afternoon for naught. I was going to do the Salt Creek Trail the next day, but as I drove up I-55 it occurred to me that there might be enough daylight left to squeeze it in. I was right, but barely.

I was surprised how crowded this trail was, especially all the children biking on the trail. Granted, it was a Sunday, but it was 6 PM. I think this trail would be a bit of a challenge for kids because of the hills, but they seemed to be doing okay.


The trail crosses back and forth over the creek but doesn't run beside it much. I got an occasional peek at the waterway.

The deer were not timid, feeding near the busy trail.

I got lucky to catch a cyclist coming through the tunnel under these busy railroad tracks. I had to use this shot in the book.

This photo shows the many tar-patched cracks in parts of the trail.

I didn't take many pictures  since I was racing the sun back to my car. I didn't even get a photo of Brookfield Zoo.


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