Central Arizona 2001

In January 2001, I ordered a custom Bike Friday New World Tourist. This bicycle  folds and packs into a suitcase. Not only is it easier to manage in an airport, but it also avoids the oversize surcharge that most airlines apply to bicycles--as much as $80 each way. What becomes of the suitcase at one's destination? It converts into a trailer!  With the ideal travel bike, all I needed was a place to go.

For many years, my grandparents took their daughters to see the Chicago Cubs at  spring training in Mesa, AZ. In 2001, they were going a week after my bike would be delivered. Since I could stay in their  motel suite, all I had to pay for was my plane ticket.  A Phoenix resident on the Bike Friday e-mail list recommended some great routes for me, and I headed to sunny Arizona for some spring training of my own.

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