Tuesday, March 20, 2001                       A Day With Sammy And Alice

Tuesday was the day for rest and recovery. Since my family had been going to spring training for so long, I figured I’d better go to Hohokam Park at least once to see what it was all about.

Hohokam Park was named for a civic group called the Hohokams who in turn were named after  the Indians who once lived in central Arizona.

Cubs superstar Sammy Sosa hit 64 home runs during the 2001 season.

The Cubs didn't start out so well, down 8-1 at one point, but they rallied back to 8-7.

A tense moment: bottom of the ninth, Cubs down by one run, two outs, full count!

The Cubs scored a run to tie the game...

Cubs win! Cubs win!

The Cubs celebrated their victory with high fives and butt pats all around.

After the game, my aunt wanted to wait around to get autographs. I felt a bit restless and wished I had my bike so I could pedal back to the motel.

That night we went to Alice Cooper’stown, sort of a cross between a Hard Rock Café and a sports bar. My brother (a huge Alice Cooper fan) and I enjoyed Alice's BBQ platter, but others were disappointed with Alice’s hamburgers. The waitresses had Alice-style make-up.

Alice's place was in Phoenix's stadium district.

This was my artistic photo of the day: the sunset in the window with Alice's neon logo.

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