- Texas 2003

I took a two-week vacation to Texas in March for two reasons. First, I wanted to go somewhere warm to ride my bicycle. Second, I wanted to enlarge  my " collection"   of counties (for more about that hobby, click here ). I learned that it's difficult to aim for two goals without compromising both of them. Still, I managed to pedal about 200 miles in five unforgettable rides, plus I visited 220 new counties in over 5,000 miles of driving.

To prepare for this trip, I bought two excellent books, Best Bike Rides Texas by Andy White and 25 Bicycle Tours in the Texas Hill Country and West Texas by Norman D. Ford. With their guidance, I explored an incredible variety of landscapes on my Co-Motion Americano, distinct yet all  Texan.

" Just rockin' Texas music, the best stuff in the land"   --Doug Sahm, " Float Away"

One of my favorite things about Texas is its diverse musical heritage. With a duffle bag full of CD's, I made this trip a celebration of Texas rock, country, blues, and folk. In that spirit, every day I named a Texan " Artist of the Day" along with an usually Texan honorable mention or two.

        Let's hit the road!  

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