Snyder, Texas

Snyder may be best known for J. Wright Mooar, a legendary buffalo hunter whose descendants still live in the area.

The three pillars of Snyder's economy are oil, cattle and cotton.

Mooar's most famous kill was an albino buffalo ten miles northwest of Snyder in 1876.

This statue stands downtown with a nearby plaque honoring Mooar.

This beautifully restored Sinclair gas station is now a flavored ice counter.

The restored Ritz Theatre stands on the courthouse square.

The Travelers Inn is in disrepair, but the sign still stands.

This Phillips station looks like it was frozen in time, complete with older-style pumps and a full service island beneath the flying vee canopy.

The Beacon Lodge has been "restored to the splendor of the 50's."

The Beacon's six buildings are situated in a circle with a park in the middle.

Is this heaven? Close. It's Trailertopia!

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