Breckenridge, Texas

  Although the spelling is different, Breckenridge was named for John Breckinridge, who was James Buchanan's vice president.

Breckenridge is "The Dynamo of West Texas!"

When Breckenridge was booming, they tore down the 43-year-old Stephens County Courthouse and built a new one. This entryway is all that remains of the old one.

This mural recalls Breckenridge's oil boomtown days.

This mural is on the side of a car dealer's showroom.

High school football is a big deal in Texas. The Breckenridge Buckaroos were quite a team in the 1950's.

This mural masks a vacant lot.

This mural shows how Breckenridge looked in 1923.

This Texan mural is painted on a  wall in  the Breckenridge Inn office.

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